ABC of Christianity

The ABC of salvation is simple and straightforward.

A - Admit you are not a perfect person

In traditional parlance, accept that you are a 'sinner'. This just means not living wholly for God. Can anyone claim that they do? The Bible says there's not one who can - all have fallen short of perfection. We were born sinners, so we need to be 'born again' as it were.

B - Believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, died for you and rose again

So there's no hope right? God knows that without His grace, there can be no way back. So He gave His Son so that we might live. It's a free gift, but we need to believe that the gift is real and freely given. If Jesus did not rise form the grave, we've all been duped. We believe Jesus rose again to be Lord of our lives, and that ALL who believe this WILL be saved.

C - Call on the name of Jesus

Finally, call on Jesus to come in to your life - in other words - confess that Jesus is Lord, and start living towards a new life centred on Jesus.