Videos from St. Nicholas' Church

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19th September
Baptism - becoming like a child
Keywords: child
Duration: 47mins
Date Recorded: 19/09/2021

12th Sept
Who is Jesus and controlling the tongue
Keywords: questions
Duration: 58 mins
Date Recorded: 12/09/2021

5th September
reaching out
Keywords: inclusion
Duration: 37mins
Date Recorded: 05/09/2021

29th August 21
The heart reveals our true feelings
Keywords: heart
Duration: 57mins
Date Recorded: 29/08/2021

22nd August 2021
Life choices
Keywords: choice
Duration: 37mins
Date Recorded: 22/08/2021

1st August 2021
Be the best self you can be
Keywords: 2 Peter
Duration: 49 mins
Date Recorded: 01/08/2021

25th July 2021
St James' Day - following Jesus way as the saints did.
Keywords: service
Duration: 45 mins
Date Recorded: 25/07/2021

18th July 2021
Doing the right thing
Duration: 56mins
Date Recorded: 18/07/2021

11th July
Joy in the Lord
Keywords: Joy
Duration: 56mins
Date Recorded: 11/07/2021

4th July
Helping the vulnerable
Keywords: vulnerable
Duration: 56mins
Date Recorded: 04/07/2021