Videos from St. Nicholas' Church

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23rd January
Holy Spirit
Keywords: Ho;y Spirit
Duration: 55mins
Date Recorded: 23/01/2022

Sermon 12th December 2021
John the Baptist - repentance and right living
Keywords: You brood of vipers!
Duration: 8.08 minutes
Date Recorded: 16/12/2021

5th Dec
Morning worship
Keywords: house in order
Duration: 33mins
Date Recorded: 05/12/2021

Ian's first service - Advent 1
Advent, the second coming and spreading the word.
Keywords: God's Invitation
Duration: 55 mins
Date Recorded: 30/11/2021

Advent 1 29th Nov
Ian's first service
Keywords: God's invitation
Duration: 55mins
Date Recorded: 30/11/2021

14th November 2921
Remembrance Sunday
Keywords: remembrance
Duration: 38 mins
Date Recorded: 14/11/2021

7th Nov 2021
a new start
Keywords: change
Duration: 37mins
Date Recorded: 07/11/2021

31st October 2021
All Saint's Day - Who is a saint?
Keywords: saint
Duration: 62mins
Date Recorded: 31/10/2021

24th October 2021
Bible Sunday and notice about new service times and pattern
Keywords: God's invitation
Duration: 47 mins
Date Recorded: 24/10/2021

17th October
Service to God and others
Keywords: service
Duration: 42 mins
Date Recorded: 17/10/2021