Videos from St. Nicholas' Church

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7th March 2021 - Jesus clears the temple
Jesus clears the temple; John 2; righteous anger; distracting from worship
Keywords: Jesus clears the temple; righteous anger; distracting from worship
Duration: 27.29
Date Recorded: 06/03/2021

28th February 2021 - Jesus predicts His death
Jesus predicts His death; taking up our cross daily; Mark 8
Keywords: Jesus predicts His death; taking up our cross daily
Duration: 22.45
Date Recorded: 27/02/2021

Lent Assembly
What is Lent?
Keywords: Lent; almsgiving; fasting; repentance
Duration: 14.14
Date Recorded: 23/02/2021

Jesus is baptised - prayers and music - 21-02-2021
Prayers for the first Sunday in Lent; 'Above All’
Keywords: Lenten prayers; 'Above All’
Duration: 10.17
Date Recorded: 21/02/2021

Jesus is baptised - Sermon - 21-02-2021
Jesus is baptised; Holy Spirit leads into the desert; preparing for ministry; Mark 1
Keywords: Jesus is baptised; Holy Spirit; desert; preparing for ministry
Duration: 10:38
Date Recorded: 21/02/2021

Ash Wednesday - 17th February 2021
Lent; Ash Wednesday; repentance; Matthew 6
Keywords: Lent; Ash Wednesday; returning to God
Duration: 11.04
Date Recorded: 18/02/2021

Meditation with Lorraine
Prayer through meditation
Keywords: Lorraine leads us through a meditation
Duration: 13.44
Date Recorded: 17/02/2021

14th February 2021 - The Transfiguration
The Transfiguration; the glory of God; Prayers
Keywords: The Transfiguration; Mark 2
Duration: 36.47
Date Recorded: 13/02/2021

7th February 2021 - The Supremacy of Christ
Colossians 1:15-20; Jesus is fully God and fully man
Keywords: Supremacy of Christ; Jesus is fully God and fully man
Duration: 20.55
Date Recorded: 06/02/2021

31st January 2021 - Jesus teaches with great authority
Jesus teaches in the synagogue; shows His authority over demons
Keywords: Mark 1; synagogue; demon flees
Duration: 21.54
Date Recorded: 30/01/2021