Videos from St. Nicholas' Church

Jesus appears to His disciple 18th April 2021

A second look at Jesus appearing to His disciples; Luke 24

Jesus appears to His disciples 11th April 2021 version 2

Jesus appears to His disciples behind locked doors; John 20

Easter Day 4th April 2021

Bishop Peter Joy and Hope in the Resurrection

Good Friday Reflection 2nd April 2021

Reflecting on the events of Good Friday

Palm Sunday 28th March 2021

Arch Deacon of Bath; John 12; 12-16; Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey; palms

Jesus explains why He must die - 21st March 2021

Jesus explains why He must die; conquering death; servant-hood; daily taking up our cross

Mothering Sunday - 14th March 2021

Mothering Sunday; Exodus 2; Moses

7th March 2021 - Jesus clears the temple

Jesus clears the temple; John 2; righteous anger; distracting from worship

28th February 2021 - Jesus predicts His death

Jesus predicts His death; taking up our cross daily; Mark 8

Lent Assembly

What is Lent?

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